Reynard Care and Support | Services
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Personal Care

Our dedicated team offer support or assistance with:

  • Washing, bathing, showering and grooming (personal hygiene) including oral care
  • Getting up or assisted to bed
  • Dressing / undressing / changing clothes
  • Toileting needs
  • Continence management
  • Mobility, moving and handling using equipment
  • Liaising with specialist outside agencies

As well as the day to day routines we feel its important to provide a flexible and caring package to ensure a healthy lifestyle.  Care Support Workers will work with individuals to develop their knowledge of looking after themselves and improving their health.  We offer personalised programmes to include:

  • Weight Management – regular weighing and advice on healthy eating
  • Health Advice -our team are always willing to support with concerns
  • Nail Care-Supporting with care of fingernails and help with making Podiatrist appointments
  • Hearing Aid Care- Supporting individuals with cleaning routines and visits to Audiologists
  • Advice and support to purchase toiletries

Medication Management

Its important for people to understand their medications and why they take them. Reynards will work with individuals to develop understanding of why they take medication. Support is given to suit individual needs as well as promoting independence. With the care and support from staff individuals can establish their own ordering and collection routines. Care Workers work with individuals with problem solving and how to make effective use of local pharmacies.


Care Support Workers will support individuals to make appointments and attend.  Reynards will support individuals during and after the appointments to ensure follow up actions are completed.   Attention to detail is important so support is provided to establish a suitable time, date and travel arrangements.  Care Support Workers will support:-

  • Doctors appointments
  • Annual Medical Reviews
  • Hospital Appointments
  • Routines Check ups
  • Podiatrist/ Chiropodist
  • Vaccinations

We will always support in a medical emergency too- we will be there to reassure and contact family.